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Custom shades are our specialty! Want a new design that reflects your personal style? Perhaps you have a favorite lamp base that needs a fresh, new look? Whether it’s a new shape and size or an exact replication of a shape to replace an existing shade, we can help! If you’re interested in exploring these options, please click below to learn more.

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The making of our shades

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What our customers say:

It is very beautiful. I think it is exactly what we had in mind about being a modern piece of art but still a partner to a classic lamp.

David G.

We got ‘Surf at Sunset’ installed last Saturday. The installation worked out fine and it looks great! Thanks for helping us find this beautiful addition to our home!

Tim B.

I turn my light on even when I don’t need to just because it’s so beautiful.

Sally A.

Past Projects

French Vanilla and Turquoise Mushroom Lamp

A fun fusion of
sheet and crushed glass created this unique table lamp.


Light peeks through lacy glass like sunlight filtering through the leaves of an olive tree on this beautiful Tiffany reproduction table lamp. 'Olive' is 20” tall with a 14” dia. x 7” deep shade. The base is cast brass, finished in a French bronze patina. 3-light socket.

Yellow Mushroom

Our client wanted a canary yellow lamp and was having difficulty finding one on the market. When he saw our red and tangerine mushroom lamp he requested we make a similar one for him in yellow.

The Dragonfly's Pond

This lamp was created for a couple that recently bought a new house, and wherever they lived they created a pond to attract dragonflies.

They wanted blues and greens to complement their decor, but one of them had a particular fondness for black and red. So, we slipped a little black and red dragonfly on it.

Emerald Green Dragonfly Pendant Light

This pendant light features a brass filigree dragonfly that has been fired into the glass. The dragonfly's body is cobalt blue and features olive green wings. The shade measures 10” dia. x 7” deep.