Sua Lana Glass Art


Q: What is custom lighting?
A: Sua Lana Glass Art makes custom lighting fixtures that are made specifically for you to fit your particular style or needs. When you want a special size, shape or color to light your home or business, we’ll work with you to create something uniquely for you.

Q: Can I design my own light fixture?
A: We’re always happy to discuss your ideas. We love to create artistic lighting fixtures that make your house feel like your home or to enhance your business environment, whether that's an office, restaurant or boutique hotel. We'll work closely with you as we develop your ideas from design through creation of your unique fixtures.
Q: What makes your glass look so different?
A: Beyond our handcrafted molds, what makes our lights unique is that they are created with crushed art glass. The glass is packed, while cold, into plaster molds before firing in a kiln. This is a much different process than most glass on the market today which is usually ‘blown’ or ‘fused’ art. Because of the process we use, our shades can be made to be bright and sparkly or soft and muted. Textures can range from soft and smooth to slightly sugary depending on the size of the glass particles used and the transparency or opacity of the colors.
Q: What is a swag light?
A: A swag light hangs from the ceiling and is directly plugged into a wall outlet. The electrical cord on a swag is long enough to reach from the plug, up the wall to the ceiling, and along the ceiling to suspend the light. The cord is usually anchored by two ceiling hooks: one on the ceiling by the wall and the other that suspends the light. Our lights come with a 15 foot cord and 110V NEMA (United States) electrical plug for this purpose.
Q: What is a pendant light?
A: A pendant light is a light that hangs from the ceiling and is suspended by a cord, chain or metal rod. Pendant lights are usually hard-wired into a ceiling fixture and turned on and off by a switch on the wall.
Q: Can I use an existing ceiling fixture to hang my lights?
A: Most times the answer is ‘yes’. You can mount the new light the same way as the one you’re replacing. You may need to purchase a new strain relief if the old light had a tube or pipe rather than a cord holding it to the ceiling canopy. If you can unscrew the old tube/pipe, you should be able to use a strain relief in its place. If not, a new ceiling canopy will need to be purchased. Please consult a qualified electrician to install your ceiling fixtures.
Q: What if I don’t have a fixture in the ceiling where I want to hang my pendant light?
A: You’ll have to choose between hanging it as a swag (if an electrical outlet is nearby), or have a licensed electrician install a fixture for you. We provide our pendant lights with 15’ cords (and 110V electrical plug).
Q: Can you help us choose a ceiling canopy?
A: Yes. We have sources for many different ceiling canopy options. Please feel free to discuss this with us when making your light purchase.
Q: Can I get different finishes on my pendant hardware?
A: Yes, but not every piece is available in every finish. Most of our hardware is available in shiny brass, antique brass, oil rubbed bronze, and shiny nickel. Some may also be available in brushed, or satin nickel. Handmade Bronze hardware is standard bronze, but we can also give it a blueish or brown patina.
Q: What if I have an idea for a light, but I don’t see it on your website?
A: We are always happy to make custom shapes and sizes for our customers! Please see our custom ordering page or contact us to discuss your particular ideas and receive a cost estimate.

Q: Can you make this light in a different size?
A: Yes. If you see a light we’ve made and need it in a different size, we will gladly recreate it for you in the size that best suits your needs.
Q: How long will it take to receive my lights?
A: In-stock items will be shipped within 2 business days. If you’ve ordered a standard shape that’s not currently in stock, shipping is usually 1-2 weeks. If we are starting with a new, custom shape for you, we can normally ship your lights within 3-4 weeks.
Q: How much will a custom light design cost?
A: This depends on several factors including color of glass, complexity of design, and size of fixture. We quote each project on an individual basis.
Q: Can you repair a broken lamp shade?
A: Usually, the answer is ‘no’…although glass can sometimes be mended with glue, depending on how it’s broken. What we can, and often do, is create a new shade for an existing base that is the same size and shape as the original shade.
Q: Can you make this light in a different color?
A: Yes! We have a wide range of colors to choose from, and can even customize many colors for you. We’re happy to fire color samples before we begin working on your project.
Q: What is the largest size of shade you can make?
A: 22” diameter round shades, or 22” x 50” are as large as we can readily make, but larger pieces are possible with added cost and lead time.
Q: What height should I hang my pendant light?
A: Pendants should hang 12-20 inches from an 8-foot ceiling. For each additional foot of ceiling height, add 3 inches. For example, for a 9-foot ceiling the pendant should hang 15-23” from the ceiling.
The pendant height can also be measured up from the surface below the light; provide a 30- to 36-inch clearance above tables and countertops. This is the most practical height, especially for pendants used for task lighting. Pendants should be hung over work surfaces at a height that doesn't block views across the room.

Q: Can you make a new shade for my lamp base?
A: Absolutely if you have a light that uses a neck-less shade, or if the base uses a harp or a single tube to hold the shade at the top. Other shade types are possible, but we would need information about how it is held and what the dimensions are in order to say for sure.

Q: How do I care for my lamp shade? 
A: Our lampshades are very easy to care for. All shades are finished with a protectant to help repel dust and dirt. Dust may easily be removed with the dusting tool of your vacuum or a lint-free cloth. Alternatively the shade may be easily removed from the base and rinsed off with water.