The Makers

Sky and Pam Archuleta are a team of glass artists that have been working together for many years, mainly focusing on pate de verre. Pate de verre is a form of glass making that uses powdered and finely ground glass which is packed (while cold) into a handmade plaster mold before firing in a kiln.

Our first pate de verre piece was a simple, small bowl that we were inspired to use as a candle holder. What happened when we lit the candle was nothing short of magical. We were completely awestruck at how beautiful and unique the glass looked as it glowed, and from there our first lamp shade was created.

We strive to create functional, creative lighting fixtures that illuminate both your space and your soul. Custom sizes, shapes and colors are available to fit your personal style and need. 

Our glass is made with careful attention to detail and we take pride in the craftsmanship of each of our products. We truly love what we do, and so do our customers!

Thank you for stopping by!